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2023 Year-End Summary


Year-end summaries should be written after the end of the year, not before. Otherwise, the remaining days will be pitiful! It's not because I'm lazy and didn't plan to write until January 1st this year, but I suddenly decided to write and created a new file on January 2nd (

Let's stop being arrogant here. Actually, when I look at everyone's year-end summaries, I am also moved (I don't know if it's appropriate, but it's close enough), and I might feel a little lonely. If I also show my heart for 2023 to everyone, will someone be moved? With this thought in mind, I started writing:

A Terrible Start#

Looking back now, my 2023 was not bad, much better than the terrible 2022. The mental state from the end of 2022 to the beginning of 2023 was unbearable, feeling like I didn't care even if it was the end of the world, living a miserable life. Muv-Luv, Rance, Kongetsu, Shoujo Riron, that was probably two or three months' worth. Finally, based on the modification time of the maid cafe Parufi's save file, I confirmed that I finished playing it on the last day of 2022 (I used this clumsy method mainly because I hadn't started writing a diary at that time)


I remember I was infected with COVID-19 at that time. You can imagine the mental state I was in while playing in the Rikako Line, it was so uncomfortable. In January, I started playing Armor Devil Mura, but got scared a bit, so I played Eustia of the Tarnished Wings to reminisce; to satisfy my expanding desires, I revisited the prologue and Koharu's route in White Album 2, it was so touching. It was probably mid-February at this time, the perfect season (

Maybe I was inspired by Koharu and Haruki (Haruki XD), I gradually started to want to learn something, afraid of continuing to be decadent. But somehow I got obsessed with CE Modifier and started playing games again... Finally, in early March, I discovered a bunch of robot accounts on Dimension Tea House that were posting illegal and prohibited information, so I wrote a web crawler script to expose them, which brought back some memories.

Regaining Vitality#

In March, after chatting with my middle school classmates who I hadn't talked to in a long time, I suddenly felt the urge to make a game, so I started learning cocos. I had actually learned Unity before, but only halfway through, so I felt it was better to start over. But as expected, making games was still quite difficult, and it ended up being abandoned 😥

Fortunately, this month I made a decision that I am grateful for: I started writing a diary on March 14th!


I wrote it directly using Typora, and all the diary entries for a month were written in one markdown file, with only a few lines per day. It was quite silly, but looking back now, it's quite nostalgic. According to the diary, after giving up on cocos, I started learning front-end development in late March.

In April, something very exciting happened: Starship's first flight on April 20th!!!

Although I missed it (and even burned the launch pad), I was still very excited. But along with the excitement, there was also a sense of loneliness, and I wanted to change something. That's probably when I started being active on Twitter. In May, it felt like I was working a two-hour shift on Twitter every day, and I feel guilty that it was mostly for utilitarian purposes, but looking back now, it was still heartwarming.

Time of Guilt#

There's something I need to explain, I almost forgot, I still have the college entrance examination to take... Unfortunately, during the three years of suspension, I didn't do anything.

Thinking back to the two days of my college entrance examination, I really don't know how to be happy 🤡

Sorry, let's skip this part (

Trying Hard#

After the college entrance examination, I got a bit obsessed with Xlog and enjoyed writing. At the end of June, my computer suddenly shut down and I lost all the diary entries for June. This had happened many times before, but not very frequently. After suffering a major loss this time, I made up my mind to investigate the problem. After investigating intermittently for about a month, I found out that it was a power supply problem. It was probably because my power supply was old and the voltage was insufficient, but after replacing it, the problem was solved.

At the same time, after the diary loss incident, in July, I started using Obsidian to write my diary. Its snapshot feature can solve the problem well. I started writing more diary entries every day, but it was more like a log than a diary, just listing what I did, with occasional random thoughts.

Oh? Awkward, I just realized that Typora also has a snapshot feature 🤡

In early August, I upgraded my computer to three screens. Although they were all cheap monitors, they worked well, and my productivity was maximized (eager to try). I couldn't wait to start learning Java web development, but it was a bit complicated and I didn't fully grasp it, so I started playing around with Django again.

Lost Child#

After the end of the April anime season, I hadn't watched any anime for a month. I originally planned to save the July anime season until it finished airing, but I accidentally came across Aitai's Love Business on Niconico (so realistic)

It's hard to describe, the song was originally quite cheesy, but it made my stomach ache and scared me. I clearly felt a sense of disgust towards the annoying normies, but something compelled me to watch Mygo (To Mo Ri is just too cute to resist)

And then in August and September, I completely got lost in Mygo.

Struggling Alone#

In September, due to a family argument, I planned to run away from home, but in the end, I temporarily gave up. I really want to be able to earn money to support myself.

At this time, I bought my first cloud server from Alibaba Cloud. It was a bit impulsive, and after buying it, I realized that I needed to file for record with the Chinese government to point my domain name to the server in China...

At that time, I thought I could make some money by making websites for small companies and doing telephone sales by searching for companies on AiQiCha. After just finishing learning Django at the end of September, I started trying to implement this idea, and it was almost completed by early October. It was a Django project that could showcase sales pages and manage customer information. Customers could log in to view their account information. Then I spent more than ten days studying how to deploy Django projects using the Baota panel, and there were so many problems that gave me a headache.

To deploy the project, in mid-October, I bought a server and domain name from overseas. I had been planning and trying to develop this business, but I still felt that the project was too rudimentary, and operations like recharging could only be done manually. I was very timid, and at this time, I temporarily escaped from the situation and abandoned it halfway...

At the same time, when I bought the server, I hastily started using V2Ray, which caused my IP to be blocked. Fortunately, I contacted customer service and they changed my IP for free. After a few days of delay, I properly configured and set up my own shadowsocks, finally feeling a bit of security.

Temporarily Slacking Off#

Around the end of October, I made my first online purchase and found that new users on Taobao seemed to have great discounts, so I started taking advantage of it. Let's see what I bought (


Here are some things I received these days:


The sources of the coupons are:

  • Taobao check-in coupons, they become smaller over time, but they will be restored if you don't use Taobao for two weeks
  • Postal Savings Bank app activity coupons, the bank teller reminded me of the coupons when I just got the card
  • JD White Bar, I got an 80 yuan coupon when I first opened it (although it's big, still need to be careful)

Although I was very happy, I wasted a lot of time when choosing things, so I need to moderate it! (And why does it feel like the actual payment is getting bigger and bigger... need to control it a bit...)

Another happy thing was that Starship made its second test flight on November 18th, and I watched it, but the hot separation was so cool 😝

Charging Forward#

In mid-November, in order to meet my anime-watching needs, I started trying to build Xiang's Nest

During this process, I fully felt my insignificance, but fortunately, I persisted and gained a lot from it. Also, I was lucky to get the domain name, and I also configured a custom domain for Xlog. It felt like rewarding myself after a long time.

In mid-December, I made a small crawler for Xiang's Nest. Now, when you click on the anime folder, you can see anime information from Bangumi. It's really a happy thing to contribute to Xiang's Nest.

At the end of the year, I started learning Git and Docker. It was the first time I encountered these things, and they were so amazing. I felt like I was being filled up (very comfortable (daydreaming...

2024, Keep Going#

The new year has begun like this, reminiscing about the past and fantasizing about the future:

  • I want to learn more things, even if they are utilitarian
  • I want to make money, the weak me from the past is already dead (dense fog)
  • I want to break free from home, although I feel guilty towards my mother, I still want more freedom
  • I want to become more useful, learn to cook and do housework well
  • I want to become cuter, my dream is to be like Asahi Komori (escape)
  • Please, let me watch Attack on Titan: The Final Season quickly, I'm begging you, Watahashi 😭

In the end, I wish myself happiness (


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