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Own a SIM card and over 30GB of data for less than 5 dollars per month.

Not an advertisement😡!!!

I bought a 5 yuan monthly rental China Telecom worry-free card at the beginning of this month.

It's very affordable, although the package only includes 200MB of monthly data, but when you continue reading, you will find it very worthwhile.


Buying a Card#

You can complete the card purchase online on the China Telecom official website (, with free delivery.



I placed the order at night and it arrived the next morning. But actually, this is the second time I placed an order. The first time, the card was stuck in the system for review, and I had to wait for six or seven days. I contacted customer service and they said the card was stuck in review due to technical reasons, so they asked me to cancel the order and place a new one.

Now let me talk about how to get 30GB of data...

Well, it's actually a way to get freebies. Things like check-ins and lucky draws will give you data, and there's quite a lot.


1. App Check-ins [Almost 4GB]

In the China Telecom app, find "Query and Apply - Check-in for Data" and check in.

You can get 500MB for the first check-in each month, and then 800MB every 7 days. In total, you can get 3.7GB per month.


2. Highly Satisfied to Good Gifts [More than 5GB]

On the app homepage, find "Sign-in Zone - Highly Satisfied to Good Gifts" and participate.

You can participate 4 times per month, once per day, so you can participate for the first 4 days of the month.

They give a lot of data. I got a total of 8GB from participating four times, and it seems that getting more than 5GB is not a problem.


3. Official Account Check-ins [Approximately 10GB]

You need to follow the local China Telecom WeChat official account (you will receive 1GB as a welcome gift), and then find "My Business Hall - My - Check-in for Rewards".

It's similar to the app check-in but not the same thing (they are separate). You can get a total of 3.7GB per month, but more importantly, there's a lucky draw. You can participate approximately every two days, and you can participate more than 14 times per month. Even if you only win 300MB each time, you can still get 4.2GB per month. In reality, when I participated in the first half of the month, I won two 1GB prizes, and the rest were 300MB.

By combining check-ins and lucky draws, it's possible to get 10GB of data per month.



4. Reading Check-ins [3-5GB]

In the official account, find "My Business Hall - My - Reading Check-ins".

Although it says you can get 5GB, I feel that the articles are updated slowly (fewer articles are published on the official account), so it's possible to only get 3GB.


5. Friday Wheel of Fortune [Approximately 10GB]

This one seems a bit difficult to find. I couldn't find the entrance in the app either. You can try searching for it in the previous articles on the official account and bookmark it.

You can spin the wheel every Friday. I spun it twice this month and got a total of 7GB, so it's probably not a problem to get 10GB per month.


In total, it's about 30GB per month.


Every day, you can also check in to receive gold beans (top left corner of the app) and complete tasks to receive gold beans. But I feel that gold beans are not very useful. You can't exchange them for data, although you can use them to grab phone bills, but it's probably difficult to succeed. However, it seems that you can exchange them for Tencent and Youku memberships, so you can give it a try if you need them.

Every day, there's also a Xiaoyi guessing game, but it doesn't give data, and you might win phone bills, but the amount is small and the probability is low. I only won 10 cents in phone bills once, and the rest were gold beans. If you have time, you can give it a try.

On the app, there's a one-click evaluation to win prizes every month, but it seems that there aren't many prizes.

On the official account, in the "Service Benefits - Heartwarming Welfare Package," there's a monthly welcome gift that you can claim.

One-time Events

The above are the monthly events, but there are also one-time/yearly events that you should pay attention to.

First, as mentioned above, there's a 1GB welcome gift for following the official account.

Then, in the app, there's a new user gift pack.

There's also a birthday gift, which you can claim in the app during your birthday month. It's 5GB! Hehe, I claimed it this month because it's my birthday.

Irregular Events

I thought it was over, but a few days ago, the China Telecom official account updated an article and I found a new event.


These are the two events. I won 1 yuan in phone bill from the top one, and I won the maximum 10GB directly from the bottom one! I was so happy, but I forgot to take a screenshot, so I'll just show you the text message.

So, try to pay attention to the events on the official account. If they exist, it's absolutely possible to get 30GB or even more data per month.

Another great thing is that this month, I have already earned 2.1 yuan in phone bill for free. Damn, the monthly fee for this card is only 5 yuan, so if I'm luckier, I'll be able to use more and more phone bill. LOL.

Those lucky draws are really addictive. If you're lucky, they can make you happy all day.

Listen to me👂👂👂, thank you🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻, China Telecom👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻, warming up my phone📱📱📱, thank you🙏🏻🙏🏻🙏🏻, thank you for being there👉🏻👉🏻👉🏻, making cyberspace more beautiful🖥🖥🖥... (


Speaking of which, I want to complain about China Mobile.

Because my family uses China Mobile numbers (which also give data), I originally wanted to get the lowest 8 yuan plan from China Mobile.

But I can only do it at the physical store, and the most incomprehensible thing is that I can only do it at a designated store. Okay, fine, I'll go, but when I asked 10086 about this, they gave me a vague address for the store, and I couldn't find it on the map. I remembered that I had the phone number of another store I went to before, so I asked them, and they said that store had closed a long time ago, and now the lowest plan is 29 yuan... 👿

I was quite angry, so I reported it to the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology (MIIT) (being a troublemaker 😂). The MIIT website is On the homepage, find "Public Participation - Telecom Complaints - User Complaints." Then, I had WENXIN YIYAN write a complaint letter (I didn't dare to use ChatGPT, otherwise it would be considered a foreign force (not good)).



It was well written. I changed the first line to "Respected leaders of the MIIT" (laughs) and submitted it. But I chose the "Complaint Green Channel," which seems to send it to China Mobile headquarters first for processing, but it's okay. I feel that this way has more deterrent power (laughs).

Then, it's really funny. The next day, the store called me on their own, and their attitude was much better. They said that due to a system issue, they couldn't directly offer the 8 yuan plan, but I could first get the 29 yuan plan and then they would immediately switch it to the 8 yuan plan without any extra charges.

🤣 But by that time, I had already discovered the 5 yuan plan from China Telecom, so I don't need your China Mobile anymore! And it's even free shipping, while with China Mobile, I have to go out in the scorching heat of over 30 degrees. The most important thing is that it's almost half the price cheaper than yours. (Note: The author is comparing the prices of different mobile plans)


But U1S1 from China Mobile is also good. It seems that they give more data in terms of freebies, and one advantage is that the data they give expires at the end of the following month, while with China Telecom, it expires at the end of the current month. This aspect of China Telecom is indeed a bit annoying... but what can you expect for 5 yuan!

Finally, let me show off my data usage 😋


↑ This is China Mobile, a lot of data, right? Because I still have data from last month that will expire at the end of this month, and I haven't used much this month.


↑ This is China Telecom, it's only halfway through the month, so I feel like I can get another 10GB.

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