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DIY Blower

DIY a blower#

Recently, I had some free time, so I wanted to do something for fun. Occasionally, it's really interesting to do something unrelated to electronic devices.

When I first started, I was quite serious and drew a blueprint in AutoCAD.


Then I printed two copies on scrap paper (materials I printed before the college entrance examination).

Now, let's stick it on the cardboard. Ah, it's best to use a solid glue stick for this, but we don't have one at home. It's too hot to go out and buy one just for this, but it's okay. I learned a trick from my mom - make some paste. A small iron basin, a little flour, a little water, boil it on the induction cooker, and it's done. When brushing it on the cardboard with a brush, it feels quite useful. It's just a bit thin after boiling, so I have to wait a while for it to dry.

Next, let's cut it with a small knife. I found a very useful method. Lay two layers of old cloth on the bed, and then use a small knife to cut the cardboard on top.

Soon, I finished the front and back covers. Now let's carve the impeller. This time, I don't need to print it, it's too troublesome. I can just draw it with a compass. Then I carved the blades and the edge of the casing, and glued them together with hot glue after spending some time.

Next is the happy assembly time.

But it's really difficult, the motor is not easy to fix. The impeller is clamped by two small grinding wheels, but the shaft for fixing the grinding wheel is a bit long, plus the motor's coupling is even longer. It's really difficult to fix the motor far away from the casing, and because the motor will generate heat, I can't use hot glue directly.

In the end, it can be said that it's a failure. Is this the fate of DIY...

Yes, I originally wanted to install the motor at the back, but now I installed it at the front, so the length of the shaft is more suitable. I casually used disposable chopsticks to fix it, and also put a medicine bottle on the motor to prevent the hot glue from melting.

After connecting the power, it not only vibrates violently, but also rotates with great difficulty, causing the motor to overheat. Moreover, it rotates in the opposite direction because the motor was originally designed to be installed on the back, but now it's installed on the front...

Ah, it seems to end like this...

No, it can't end like this.

On the second day, I had a brilliant idea 😈

Haha, this time it's a 220V motor 💪. It's very suitable, the motor shaft has screws, so it's easy to fix the impeller.

I just used double-sided tape to stick the casing on the motor. After fixing the impeller, I used transparent tape to stick the front cover, and it's done (it's more for convenience in debugging than anything else, you can say it's laziness).

I dared to turn it to the third gear, and it didn't make any strange noises. The wind is really strong. The impeller is unexpectedly sturdy, and there is no sign of falling apart. It's worth all the effort I put into it.

Finally, it's done. Fortunately, it didn't end in failure...


No, it can't just stop here.

On the third day of DIY, I realized something. If the DIY thing is not practical, it will always be left unused until it is thrown away as garbage.

This blower seems to be useless now. If I don't do something else, it will eventually be dismantled.

Well, since it's a blower, it shouldn't just blow air, it should be connected to something else with a pipe. But for now, I can only temporarily use transparent tape to attach the pipe. If I want it to be sturdy, I can only seal it with hot glue, so it's best to add a quick-release interface...

At the same time, I found a serious problem. After connecting the pipe, the casing will shake along with the pipe, which is not a small matter because the impeller will hit the casing. The casing is loose, double-sided tape is really not enough, the casing must be fixed...

And the front cover cannot be fixed with transparent tape, I need to find a way to fix it. It's best if it can be disassembled, I can't seal it with hot glue, otherwise, if there is a problem with the impeller, I can only forcefully dismantle it...



Wow, sugoi! Suge!

It looks like a planetary engine 🤣.

And using clamps to hold the flange interface is really satisfying. I have connected and disconnected it many times.

Also, screwing the bolted interfaces is really addictive, screwing screws is a stress reliever.

In short, I am very satisfied with it. I like it, I really like it 🥰.

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