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Receive a small desk lamp

Hmm, I'm so tired after a busy day, but I got a small desk lamp, super happy


It's a pity that it doesn't come with batteries and can only be used by plugging it in (this one is 5 yuan, the one with batteries is 3 yuan more expensive), but you can install them yourself! 😋 The circuit board should be the same, you can clearly see two empty solder points, and there is also a battery slot. After trying it out, it's indeed like this.

Also, I want to complain that it's too light, sigh, let's add a weight with an iron block that I don't know where it was taken from before.


It's difficult to solder the battery, I'm afraid the soldering iron will puncture it. So I tried to use an iron piece to hold it in place, but it's so hard, my hand hurts from bending it.

I gave up, and then I can say that I crazily used hot glue to stick the wire to the battery (


After fixing the weight, I carefully soldered the wire to the circuit board. I felt relieved when I saw the light turned on.


After everything was done, kita✨



(Please don't break in just two or three days, hot glue, keep going)

It can be used by plugging it in normally, and occasionally it can be unplugged and used, so nice.


As for those two pen holders? They feel a bit unnecessary, but they can still hold a pair of headphones, so it's half good and half bad.


"Touch to adjust color temperature"

"Long press to adjust brightness"

"Warm reminder: You can tear it off if it affects the aesthetics"

(Haha, so funny)

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